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  Short recommendations for the authors of the articles

I. Materials provided by authors to the editorial office

1. The text of the article in a separate file in Word or RTF format on the electronic bearer (carrier) or sent by e-mail. In case the materials are sent by e-mail in one archive, the ZIP archives should be used (condensed ZIP folder).

It is necessary to formulate the family name and the full name of the author(s) and the title of the article.

The recommended volume of an article is not less than 40 000 signs (1 “author leaf“, gaps included). It may be up to 60 000 signs and in special occasions according to the decision of the editorial staff it may rise up to 80 000 signs.

For short research reports (post-graduate students and beginners) the recommended volume of an article is 20 000 – 30 000 signs.

At the end of the article it is obligatory to include the following statement: “The article (title, author(s)) is original, it was never published before and was not sent to any other journal(s) or publisher(s)”.

2. The text of a summary of the article (100 – 280 words, 15 – 20 lines) and the key words in Russian and English in a separate file.

3. Information about the author(s) in a separate file: full family name, name, patronymic; level of scientific qualification (post-graduate, Ph. D., Doctor of Science, etc., scientific degree and title), location of the current job/employment, scientific interests, telephone number, e-mail address, total quantity of publications.

II. Basic requirements to the content and shape of the text

1. The text supplied for publishing must be original, i.e. never before published in any other journal(s) or book(s).

The scientific article should contain an obvious element of new knowledge created by the author as compared to the available scientific literature (not textbook or consulting publications) on the theme chosen for research.

The text should evidently demonstrate the author`s profound acquaintance with the views of the mainstream scholars on the problems covered including the publications of the authors of previously published articles in the “Vestnik”.

The preference is given to the articles of a) scientific and b) analytical character. The articles should be written in Russian or English.

2. The structure of the article should be strict and in accordance with the following:

• Introduction (the formulation of the problem in accordance with the vital contemporary economic theory and practice for defining the author’s approach inside the modern Russian and world economic literature scope).

• Basic part of the article (original author’s research including the historical overview, the analysis of evolution of the scientific approaches to the theme chosen, substantiation of the instruments chosen, primary empirical data and qualitative and (or) quantitative analysis modeling, secondary data processing. The basic part of the article should be structured to demonstrate to the reader a more vivid and explicit logic of the paper).

• Conclusion (structured results in accordance with the goal and aim set forth in the introduction).

• Aftertext bibliographical references are shaped as a list of bibliographical entries. The list is provided in alphabetical order without numeration.

It should contain the bibliographical data about all the publications mentioned in the article and should not include the publications which are not referred to in the article. 

The sources are to be shaped in the following order:

• Russian;

• Foreign;

• Juridical documents (decisions, laws, regulations on the activity of legal institutions/persons and individuals);

• Archives;

• Internet resources;

• Electronic databases.

References inside the text are put in square brackets: [Ivanov, 1995].

If in process of quotation a specific phrase/statement, formula, theorem is mentioned than a number of the page in the original source should be provided: [Ivanov, 1995, p. 23].

If more than one publication of a certain author is used in the text, after the year of publishing a letter in Cyrillic alphabet showing the order of the cited publication in the list of literature should be provided: [Ivanov, 1995a, p. 23].

3. In process of shaping the text the following rules are obligatory:

The printing fields are 25 mm;

The size of type is 12;

Numerations of the pages is obligatory;

• Correct shape and positioning of pictures, tables and formulas is also obligatory;

• No colored pictures are allowed:

• All the explanations and comments are made in footnotes on each page.

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