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  General information

The scientific theoretical journal “Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta. Serie 5. Economics” is a serial, periodical edition informing the research community about the results of the investigations and researches performed by Russian and foreign scientists in macro- and microeconomics, the history of economic thinking, finance and management.

The journal “Vestnik” appeared right after the Second World War, in 1946. An extremely significant role in the appearance of the journal was played by a famous leningradian economist, the rector of the Leningrad State University, professor A. A. Voznesensky (1898 – 1950).

Initially the journal was supposed to publish the results of researches of only the University faculty in natural and humanitarian sciences. In the first issue a number of articles of professors of the economical department of the University has been published. Already in 1952 “Vestnik” started publishing a special series dedicated to social sciences and in 1956 – a series on philosophy, economics and law. All this supported strongly to the enlargement of space for publishing scientific articles in economic theory. Finally, in 1985 a special series of the journal “Economics” was created and since 1992 the journal has a current title.

The journal provides space for discussion on vital problems of economic theory development in Russia and abroad, analyzes the existing and appearing trends in the economic development and management, evaluates the prospects of possible application of theoretical results for practice.

The journal is open for cooperation between Russian and foreign researchers, research communities, institutions of education and science.

The journal is included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and editions, recommended by VAC (Supreme Certification Commission) for the publication of basic research results of dissertations both candidate and doctor of science degrees.

  Mission and assignment of the journal
  The journal is assigned to contribute to:

• promotion of high quality researches, performed by Russian and foreign scholars of vital theoretical and applied issues of economics in modern and historical context on all institutional levels (business firms, intergovernmental and global groupings) and functional directions;

• development and advancement of progressive approaches and methods of effective management of running the economic subjects for the broad Russian-speaking communities of scholars, teachers and trainers, postgraduate and graduate students of universities and business schools;

• advancement of the professional level of Russian economists, managers, finance experts, analysts and consultants on management for further integration of Russian business in the global economy;

• growth of importance and promotion of the image of scientific schools of the Saint-Petersburg University in the field of economics and the adjacent spheres of knowledge.

The editorial staff accepts original scientific articles, reviews, overviews and surveys, short scientific reports in Russian and English on economic theory and history, finance, credit, insurance, statistics, controlling and accounting, investment, innovation, personnel, information and ecological management, marketing, economical mathematical modeling, etc.

The editors in forming the portfolio give preference to articles of a) scientific and theoretical, and b) analytical character.

The journal is OPEN: any author (irrespective of the citizenship, place of living, current job or scientific degree and merits) has a possibility to publish his/her text in case the requirements of the editor are fulfilled; potential authors do not acquire any preferences and are not expected to meet any obligations or burdens.


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